Photo by Nate Watters


About Rae Plants

Natalie and Jillian are Seattle transplants from NYC and Chicago, respectively. After meeting at their new jobs in the corporate fashion world, they immediately bonded over their love of vintage, thrifting and antiquing, plants, and their shared middle name, Rae. Once they'd each filled their own homes to capacity with plants, and in search of a creative outlet that got them outside and exploring new things in the city, they started planting easy to care for houseplants in vintage and re-purposed planters to sell at local flea markets. The response they got was really exciting - people love plants, but are worried that they don't know how to care for them, or don't want to deal with potting them themselves!

Less than a year after launching Rae Plants, the business has expanded to include plant interiors for both commercial spaces and residences, plants for parties and events, local plant gift deliveries, and wholesale potted plants to local retailers. We love to collaborate on special projects, so reach out to us with special requests!